what our clients say

"We hadn't cracked the code on how to do sales well and consistently. CP broke down key processes in a way that immediately made sense to us and helped us reform our business development approach.

Within weeks we had already made changes that were having impact.

By the end of 20 weeks our
sales pipeline was 50% larger than when we started, and the quality of the deals in the pipeline was vastly improved.

At the end of our engagement we were
closing at a rate approximately 35% higher than when we started.

It paid for itself halfway through the process, upgrading the effectiveness of our sales severalfold.  

CP is the
best I've worked with across 25 years of working with outside consulting firms, big and small.

Brick Thompson

CEO of Blue Margin

"CP successfully helped us build processes and a team that scales as our sales do, and helped us create a culture of high performance.

They provided us a
bulletproof plan of attack and supported us through implementing a complete overhaul of the sales department.

We've experienced
significant double digit revenue growth for the last two years, which would not have been possible prior to our engagement."

Max Tynczuk

COO of AMS Performance

“We shifted our target market successfully and were able to generate consistent engagement with target accounts.

The new sales process has
increased average contract value significantly (+50%) over the previous year.

We were able to develop a new account executive capable of selling deals as a result of the process documentation and training resources

They are
top quality expert consultants. The depth and breadth of knowledge and problem solving skills are impressive to say the least.

Also, their own disciplined demonstration of the skills, habits, and processes that they teach clients.” 

Adam Barney

Partner & President of Framework IT

“CP worked with our team, gathered information and compiled it into a sales playbook that is scalable and efficient.

It has helped us
increase our sales volume and close rate tremendously and it has allowed us to efficiently onboard new members of our sales team.

They had a commitment to our company and goals
unlike anything I've ever experienced."

CP is more than our consultants, they are trusted business advisors."

Colleen Werner

Founder & CEO of Lulafit

“CP's approach was truly unique. It was obvious that their methodology was developed over many year and with deep experience of the sales processes and success.

They provided true insights into how we operated, needed to operate and to
help us become a better company.

We have
changed key areas of our business because of their insights and deep business knowledge.

This is the
best outsourced arrangement in 30 years of business.”

jody jankovsky

Founder & CEO of Black Line IT

"CP provided a full assessment of findings, strategies, and recommendations. I don't think I've ever seen something that was so accurate, thoughtful, and specific to how we could improve our business.

Together we worked to implement their suggestions and we established a
strong sales process that is now a big differentiator.

close rate went from 56% to 80%.

We started saying "no" more often to customers that were not a good fit.

I have spent over a decade building this company.
I did not think someone could come in in a span of a few months and be able to make such a significant impact to our organization.

We have been blown away by their abilities and what they've done for us."

jesse mccabe

Partner & CEO of Solid Digital