Helping Founders
of b2b technical services firms
achieve predictable and sustainable revenue growth

through a focused strategy, repeatable process
and a specialized structure
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Build Your Revenue COmpass

Clarify Your Strategic direction and give your team momentum


refined and focused strategy built to win, retain, and grow blue chip customers


efficient and effective process built to stick with your team and win the right clients


specialized and aligned structure to maximize time, energy & resources

Our work

Revenue Compass Engagement

Refocus your strategy, rebuild your process, and improve your communication. We collaborate with your leaders and sellers to build a Sales Playbook that will empower your team to execute.

Advisory Partnership

Continue learning, growing, and evolving. A partnership with flexible options focused on your long term success. We coach, reinforce, and drive improvement on the fundamentals while continuously sharing new insights.

our guiding principles

Practice what we teach.
We put our money where our mouth is.

Everything we teach and work on with our clients is applicable to our own business in some way, and if our advice is good, it should be worth following ourselves.  By taking our own medicine, we pressure test our content, create more opportunities to improve, and ensure that we understand exactly what our clients are going through.

Focus on what is most important.
If everything is important, nothing is. We prioritize the most important problem and direct all of our energy toward solving it.

We help our clients focus. Focus on winning your best prospects, growing your best clients, and retaining your best people. We also help clients hear the signal of what is most important to them, serving as a guide through the noise of all the information and research available today.

Teach you how to fish.
Solving root causes creates more value than putting bandaids on symptoms.

We are not here to hold your time hostage. We are here to create value and give you more control over your time. This is why we teach valuable, learnable, and repeatable motions that you will be able to execute yourselves long after you’re done Zooming with us. If we can teach you how to repeat these motions, our engagement is exponentially more valuable.

Embrace the compound effect.
“We do not rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems.” -James Clear

If you haven’t heard the fable of the penny doubled or read Atomic Habits by James Clear, the shared lesson is that consistent, compounding gains will always out-earn inconsistent wins over the long term. This is why your sales process must be a consistent and impactful set of stages that your team follows every single time.

Better before bigger.
A smaller team of high performers that collaborate and push each other is better than a large team of mediocre performers.

It is easy to think that more headcount is the solution to any business problem, especially when your team is busy. Hiring slow and right is better for your team over the long term than hiring fast and wrong.

Selling is everyone’s job.
The whole team has an impact on sales, and teams that embrace this perform better.

The skills we teach are important to everyone: selling or persuading is present in some way in every job. There is also immense value to the organization if every team member understands how the business works -- whether they work in sales, marketing, engineering, or delivery.


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