Revenue Compass Engagement

How it Works

We partner with your leaders and sellers over 3-4 months to build your unique and tailored Sales Playbook. We teach everything we know, ask targeted questions, and drive critical conversations forward (even when difficult).

The Impact

1. Win more of the right clients.
2. Disqualify the wrong prospects sooner.
3. Stick to a system and improve it over time.
4. Enjoy a happier team achieving stronger financial outcomes.

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Our ideal client

Our blue chip client is a growth-minded, B2B organization.

Their leaders want to build, grow, and scale in a sustainable fashion.

Their leaders are ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved in this work with the team.
They are open to new and better ways of operating, are willing and able to change, and be vulnerable (open-minded, willing to admit weakness, and willing to face reality).

Our engagements are intimate, highly collaborative, and require active participation.

It's not just a financial commitment, it requires focused time and attention. 

This is hard work, and the outcomes are transformational.

"Our close rate went from 56% to 80%." 

"Carver Peterson successfully revamped the sales process, which generated consistent engagement with target accounts and significantly increased the contract value by 50%." 

"The engagement paid for itself before it was over.” 

The Secrets

To get the most out of working with us, there are a few "secrets" you need to understand. These secrets are widely known, but still more widely ignored.

1. Information is no longer the scarce resource, implementation is.
The information you need to change and improve is available in abundance. The resources you need to make it happen are energy, focus, and guidance.

2. If you try to focus on everything, you will focus on nothing.
Too many teams set a long list of goals, then fail to maintain accountability or track progress on any of them. Too many teams wade shallowly through long meeting agendas without digging deep enough into the most important things. We help our clients focus on the most important thing in every situation.

3. Consistency is key. If you operate within a system you can unlock better long term gains.
Adopting a system and sticking to it with consistency will deliver you a different level of results.
The Power of Habit. Atomic Habits. The Compound Effect. Bird by Bird. The fable of the Penny Doubled. The list of books and resources that teach this lesson is endless, yet many companies treat sales like the wild west.

4. Unique strengths and accountability pave the path to peak performance.
A team full of peak performers is the ultimate key to company success, and we believe that is only possible through a culture focused on having each individual in a role that utilizes their unique strengths and fostering a culture of accountability that applies to every person.


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