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My father-in-law asked if I wanted to attend the Marquette basketball “open practice” and I immediately responded with YES!

The Marquette University Golden Eagles are ranked #5 in the preseason polls and I’ve loved their Head Coach, Shaka Smart ever since he turned Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) into a basketball powerhouse in the early 2010s.

My original expectations was a fun way to entertain our 3 young kids for the evening and maybe … just maybe… I might get to watch a little basketball. What I found, instead, was an absolute masterclass on leadership.  

In this blog post, I'll share what I learned from Shaka Smart's practice and how they can be applied to business.

Clarity & Organization

Culture & Guiding Principles

Wildly Important Goal & Lead Measures

Competition & Replicating “Game-Like” Scenarios

Engagement & Focus

In conclusion

My experience at Marquette’s open practice was a memorable one. I saw Shaka Smart’s Guiding Principles living across his entire team and staff. I understood the Wildly Important Goal (8 kills per game) and the path to achieving it (deflections, blocked shots, turnovers). I witnessed the impact of strong organization, clear communication and focus. And I felt the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that EGBs can bring to a group.

I left the practice session energized and motivated to create more Energy Generating Behaviors in my family, with my friends, clients, and across my entire network. Shaka Smart's leadership insights, gleaned from the basketball court, are applicable far beyond the gym, providing a blueprint for success in the business world.

Go Eagles!