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The Big Picture: If they are not willing to schedule time to review your proposal live with you…they’re just not that into you.

Zoom Out: Let’s break this down. You just led them through your sales process including a thoughtful Qualification Meeting and a well-design Discovery Meeting to learn about their wants, needs, pains & desired gains. You’ve incorporated the various key stakeholders, got them to agree on the problem so that they can align on a solution…and then you just email the proposal and say, "Let me know what you think!”

What?!? Are you serious?

Zoom In: We all know what happens when you email the proposal. They turn right to the pricing section. Worst case scenario — a hidden stakeholder (who wasn’t involved at the earlier stages) gets their hands on the proposal and kills the deal without ever understanding your solution and/or value.

Between the Lines: The proposal presentation is your time to shine. You’ve done the hard work, you’ve identified the problem, showcased the impact, shared your unique methodology, built the winning solution and articulated the value. Your prospect needs to consume the information in the way your designed it.

You need to maintain control at this key stage and don’t take no for an answer.

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