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The Big Picture: You have a small number of clients that are generating the vast majority of your revenue and profitability. However, it’s astonishing that you don’t act like it.  

Zoom In: Over the years, we’ve had an opportunity to examine the revenue distribution of our clients. Over and over again, we see the “Pareto Principle” (more famously known as the “80/20 Rule”) right in front of our eyes.

Not only that, we also see that the bottom 50% of clients are typically contributing less than 10% of revenue. Yikes!

Zoom Out: That said, most of these organizations don’t have their sales & marketing strategy refined and aligned to this narrow profile, or their account management resources and efforts mapped to their best clients.

Instead, we still see “the squeaky wheel getting the grease.”

Between the Lines: Let me say that again, you are allocating your precious time and resources with misaligned prospects and your bottom tier clients because you haven’t taken the time to refine your strategy and align your sales, marketing and account management teams onto your best opportunities and prospects.

Our mantra is "Aim Small, Miss Small."

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