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Sales Stage Advancement Guide

Partnering with leadership, we refine & build your Sales Stage Advancement Guide. This is your repeatable, scalable and sustainable sales process allowing you to win more of the right customers.  We help you define “what good looks like” at each incremental stage of your sales process including: Prospect, Connect, Qualify, Propose, Commit & Serve.

Sales Stage Advancement Guide:

The key benefit of this guide is that it creates a scaleable and sustainable methodology for your sales team to follow. Incorporating this guide into your sales organization will improve your ability to drive revenue by:

  • Spending more time with the right prospects and people
  • Disqualifying the wrong opportunities and advancing the right ones
  • Improving the winning percentage & increasing the velocity of your sales cycle
  • Improving customer experience by aligning your sales, delivery and customer success teams
  • Providing more repeat business opportunities, referrals & recommendations

As a result, you will have a sales organization operating with clarity, focus and confidence.