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Talent Solutions

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“Carver Peterson Consulting brought invaluable insight to how we could approach our sales process and hiring plan for PointDrive, using the right mix of structure and autonomy,” Brian Cuttica, Director of Sales and Marketing at PointDrive. “Their ability to adapt and apply their formal training to our growing startup helped lay the groundwork for the growth and success we experienced. “

Carver Peterson Talent Solutions focuses on:

  • Recruiting: We develop consistent sourcing strategies based on your Mission, Vision and Core Values. Through talent recruitment, screening and selection, we develop a consistent process so you can continuously select the top talent in the marketplace.
  • On-Boarding and Training: We build customized, world class on-boarding programs tailored specifically for your organization. Our goal is to help new employees integrate into your culture and develop the right skills through an effective and engaging Day 1, Week 1, Month 1, Quarter 1 and beyond.
  • Performance Management: Poor management is the number one reason why people leave jobs. Utilizing our SMART Goals, we develop a regular performance feedback schedule so that managers and employees grow and improve performance by having clearly defined roles, goals and expectations.

Carver Peterson can help businesses identify the perfect fit among top talent, integrate new employees into company culture, develop the appropriate skills and retain them so that their growth is your growth. We work alongside your leadership to identify, attract, develop, engage and retain the right talent in the marketplace for your growing business.