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Advisory & Executive Coaching

Our Advisory Solutions provide coaching and guidance for our clients to build profitable, scalable and sustainable businesses. By looking at how your company operates, we will help you clearly define where your business is heading by setting goals that your employees can envision.

Carver Peterson Operational Solutions include the following:

  • Strategic Planning: Developing your culture starts with defining your Mission, Vision,and Core Values. Our team provides the tools businesses need to effectively express WHO you are, WHY you started your company, and paint the vision of WHERE you are going. Not only does a well-defined company game plan help businesses reach their goals, it makes it easier to attract and retain clients and staff who are aligned with your path as an organization.
  • Roles & Compensation: Building a profitable, scalable, sustainable organization starts with maximizing the productivity of each person on your team. That means clearly defining the goals and expectations of each role, while developing a financial model that is rewarding for your employees, yet still profitable for your business. We guide you through this process by determining the market value for each position, and developing clearly defined career paths within your business.
  • Internal Communication: Utilizing our proven framework, we customize a consistent cadence for communication within your company, across all channels, and in every department. With meetings that include a Daily Huddle, Weekly Tactical, Monthly Strategic, Quarterly Reviews and annual All-Hands meetings we will set a uniform format, so that every meeting keeps you and your employees on track.