Coaching and Performance Management

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Manage Your Talent’s Performance in 3 Steps The single most effective way to keep your employees happy for the long haul is through performance coaching and management. That means giving them the feedback they are craving, and providing the direction that will enable your staff to reach their goals. But we aren’t talking about stuffy [...]

Hiring on Core Values

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Why it’s essential to make hiring decisions based on culture They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. While skills can be taught, and raw materials can be molded, a tin link in a steel chain will never be a perfect fit, and no amount of effort will prevent it from [...]

How to Select the Right Talent for Your Business

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How to hire the right people to help your business succeed Most companies miss the mark when it comes to selecting top talent. Maybe they hired someone who looked great on paper, but ended up not being quite as qualified as their resume may have indicated. Or, the individual doesn’t blend well with the current workforce and [...]

Knowing Your Audience

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How My Experiences in Comedy Shaped My Experiences in Sales By Tim Schumm Believe it or not, when I was in my early twenties, before starting my corporate career, I was a stand up comedian. I was a student, working with a sketch comedy troupe, working corporate events and having a ball doing it. Now, [...]

Leading & Managing Millennials

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The millennial workforce is arguably one of the most widely debated, analyzed and discussed generations since the baby boomers—and a demographic that is largely misunderstood. By the year 2025, Millennials will comprise a whopping 75% of the workplace, according to Deloitte. As millennials quickly become the largest generation in the workforce, it’s critical for older generations to adopt methods [...]

The Anatomy of a Cold Call

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How to take the stress out of cold calling One of the most dreaded tasks, phrases and prospecting tools in sales is the cold call. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, taking the stress out of cold calling can make all of the difference in your job satisfaction, not to mention your success [...]

The Purpose Driven Company

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Why company values impact success These days, people want to be part of something that will change the world—a business that has meaning and purpose. Reinforcing those values, and communicating the purpose of the organization is essential. While not every business can be a Tom’s or a Warby Parker, donating goods each time a sale [...]

The Life Cycle of a Salesperson

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A guide to the emotions of a salesperson. Sales is one of the most rewarding careers, with endless potential for growth, learning and earning. The problem is that many people enter the field thinking that it’s easy. But with any career, there are peaks and valleys of the success profile, and it starts right at [...]

Question Based Selling

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4 steps to master the most powerful tool in business Do you ever think that you might be so concerned with saying the “right thing” when you are selling, that you fail to understand what your customer really wants? Many salespeople are so caught up in “selling” their product or service, that they forget the [...]

In Growth Mode? Don’t cut corners with your hiring

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 Even if it takes a few extra months to fill a position, don’t settle for the B Team. By Tim Schumm For many companies who enter growth mode, the first thought is to quickly bring on employees to satisfy the heightened workload. When this happens, oftentimes the new hires simply check a set of generic [...]

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