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Associate Consultant

The Main Thing?

The Associate Consultant is responsible for leading our revenue lifecycle assessment as well as creating the final presentation of our assessment findings and recommendations for improvement.  

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Data Collection Request
    • Analyzing client’s historical sales related data
    • Conduct an analysis on client’s competitive landscape
    • Research and understand client’s organizational structure
    • Utilize LinkedIn to research client’s industry and customers
  • Onsite with Executive Leadership
    • Observing the key activities in each stage of the client’s sales process
    • Conducting interviews with key personnel within client’s sales organization
  • Consolidation of Findings
    • Extract and prioritize assessment results based on data collection request, observation and interview verification
  • Creation of Final Recommendations
    • Partner with Managing Director and Project Manager to determine narrative and final recommendations
  • Creation of Final Deliverable
    • Partner with Design Intern to develop final deliverable presentation
  • Presentation of Final Recommendations to Executive Leadership
    • Assist in presenting key findings and final recommendations to client’s Executive Leadership team

The Associate is responsible for our Revenue Lifecycle Assessment, where we gain critical insights into the strategy, structure, process, and people that impact an organization’s ability to generate predictable revenue. The insights gathered through our unique sales assessment create the clarity necessary to build and implement programs unique to each client, with the purpose of maximizing their  individual and collective strengths.

Key Competencies:

  1. Business Acumen: keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a “business situation” in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.
  2. Customer Focus: Acts with customers in mind. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust & respect.
  3. Comfort Around Higher Management: understanding how senior management thinks / works and speak articulately and in their language
  4. Listening: Practices attentive and active listening.  Asking thoughtful questions to get a good understanding.  Probing questions. Clarifying questions. Confirmation questions.  
  5. Time Management: Values time and gets more done in less time than others.  Uses time efficiently and effectively.
  6. Learning on the Fly: taking risks, trying solutions we have never tried before, being quick to learn and apply first-time solutions

Performance Expectations:

  • Results: Revenue LIfecycle Assessments — Successfully Transitioned into Phase II
  • Effectiveness:  Revenue Lifecycle Assessments — Completed within established deadline
  • Efficiency: Revenue Lifecycle Assessments — Completed within allotted scoped hours
  • Effort: Utilization: 60% (25 billable hours per week)


  • Bachelor or higher level degree in business, organizational communication / leadership or related field
  • Previous experience regularly interacting and building relationships with customers
  • Demonstrated interest in consulting and / or business development
  • Strong organizational, communication, leadership, and customer service skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint


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