Your Biggest Sales Competition…and it’s not who you think it is.

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Why the status quo is the hardest sales competition to de-throne

People hate change. So when you’re out pounding the pavement to close the next deal, your biggest opposition oftentimes is not the competition knocking on the same door, it’s almost always the status quo. People simply aren’t willing to change unless they see significant advantages in making a move, even if they are genuinely interested in your services.

Sounds counter intuitive, right?

The fact is, even if someone is receiving a sub-par level of service, convincing them to make the effort to sign a new agreement, integrate a new product or service and go through the motions is hard to do—even if it saves them time and money. Your ability to identify, expose and connect a monumental pain point to your prospect is the difference maker in influencing a change.

Here are three ways to sell against the status quo:

  1. Show the Pain. We consistently emphasize the value of finding the pain while selling,  and the trick is to get to the bottom of the real issue. Our favorite way to do this is by uncovering the prospect’s main pain points using Question-Based Selling. Spend the time listening to the prospect by asking timely, relevant and thoughtful questions. Take time to first listen and find out where there is opportunity to add value, long before you present a solution.
  2. Offer a Solution. Once you have identified the pain, offer a solution that is both rational and emotional. Don’t jump the gun by providing a generic proposal, instead demonstrate an understanding of their problem, then use case studies and testimonials to emphasize your value add. Explain how your product or service can minimize their pain points, touching on each area where you can make the biggest impact.
  3. Minimize the Change Impact: Set yourself up to win by establishing small steps that will simplify the change process. From identifying a single point of contact, to outlining each step of the transition, clear communication will minimize the fear of making a move. Then, stick to that plan, offer extra support during the client on-boarding and make sure that you follow through on every single promise.

When selling a product or service, the status quo is oftentimes the biggest sales competition for a salesperson. The key is to shake things up by minimizing the impact, while presenting a thoughtful solution. Much like Geico did with their “Save 15% or more on car insurance” campaign, taking the guesswork out of change will make it irresistible for your prospects to make a move. The rest will fall into place.

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