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The Carver Peterson guide for evaluating professional development and planning for the New Year.

As the holiday parties and networking events wind down for the year, setting aside time to evaluate your professional accomplishments can help you close out the year more effectively—not to mention help you launch the New Year poised for success. The truth is that we cannot boost our business acumen, without a little bit of self-reflection. This holiday season, take time to evaluate what worked in 2015, and what you could have done differently.

Because introspection doesn’t always come naturally, we listed a few questions below to help get you thinking about how the previous year finished up. Review each question in detail to help determine which areas you excelled, and which areas could use some improvement. Once you’ve completed the evaluation, the Carver Peterson 2016 Professional Goal Setting Guide awaits.

Evaluating Your Goals: Professional & Personal Accomplishments

Did you reach your earning potential?

How can you increase your net worth in 2016?

What was your biggest accomplishment at the office?

How can you build upon those accomplishments in 2016?

Who was someone that you connected with that enhanced your career?

Who is someone you would like to meet in 2016?

Did you take time off?

What is one place you would like to visit in 2016?

What items did you mark off of your bucket list this year?

Choose one bucket list item to strive to accomplish in 2016.

What was your biggest personal accomplishment outside of work?

What is one personal goal you have for 2016?

Opportunities for Improvement: Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities

What mistakes did you make professionally?

What could you have done to change the outcome?

Identify one missed opportunity for enhanced client communication.

What will you do differently in the future?

What is something you could improve upon away from work?

Identify one personal situation that could have been handled more effectively.

Taking the time to truly ponder those achievements, in order to create a roadmap of goals and a list of benchmarks for the year to come will instantly poise you for success in 2016. But reflecting on your professional accomplishments is only half of the battle. Next, map out your goals for 2016. Download our free Mapping Out Your 2016 Goals guide to get started.

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