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Shrinking the sales cycle through 2nd degree connections

As business professionals, we come in contact with many people through the years: mentors, colleagues, clients and competitors. And because of social media networks like LinkedIn, it’s easier now more than ever to stay in touch with old friends and colleagues, endorse them for their strengths and make professional introductions that could further their careers. But the real value in LinkedIn is the fact that as the lines between personal and professional networking continue to blur, networks are expanding rapidly—and the professional benefits are yours for the taking. Why? Because referrals and relationships are two powerful tools made unstoppable when combined.

Not only is LinkedIn a fantastic tool for making introductions, it’s a great way to get introduced. The people with whom we connect on LinkedIn have personally connected with many others themselves. In fact, our friends could know exactly the person who will be making the decision at your next sales pitch. Long story short? Take advantage of those 2nd degree connections!

The value of the 2nd degree connection comes straight from the fact that there is nothing more valuable than a third party endorsement. When you ask a friend or colleague for an introduction to someone in their network, it automatically qualifies you well beyond making a cold call or going into a meeting blindly. The reason is that an introduction is in essence a transfer of trust, which significantly shortens the sales cycle.

Let’s break this down: People love recommendations. If you were considering two independent contractors to provide a service for your company, one who was recommended from a trusted colleague and another who you found in an internet search, both had great backgrounds and success rates, which would you consider more? We tend to like the sense of security a trusted recommendation provides.

The moral of the story is to capitalize on the connections you’ve worked so hard to build over the years. Relationships are accrued throughout a lifetime but thanks to the convenience of the internet, platforms like LinkedIn make it easier than ever to maintain current relationships, and grow new ones. If you think someone is a good match for your business or service, take the initiative and reach out with a common ground to get acquainted. That introduction could lead to a recommendation from your mutual colleague and a simple conversation could turn into a long term business relationship that will one day be vital to your company.

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