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When it comes to company promotions, giving the wrong individual more responsibilities is costly and can kill your business from the inside out. The key is to advance the team members who not only embody the core values of your organization, are excelling in their current role and display the strengths to effectively navigate the new position, but to promote the individuals who want to move up in the organization. Make sure you get it right. Here are five signs an employee is ready for a promotion.

5 Signs an Employee is Ready for a Promotion

1. They live the core values of your organization (when nobody’s watching). One of the first things managers should look at when considering an employee for a promotion is how they react high-intensity situations. There are two types of people when it comes to stress; those who handle it well and those who are easily overwhelmed. Managerial roles often produce numerous stressful scenarios on a daily basis, which is why Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, believes that an employee who is ready for a promotion is the person who regularly requests those types of responsibilities.

2. They are excelling in their current role, and doing the job the “right way.” Employees who are ready for a promotion find solutions to their problems, rather than voicing their complaints. These employees will approach every issue with the mindset of finding a solution instead of passing the burden along to someone else. Avery Augustine of The Muse believes that this type of behavior is proof that an employee not only understands what it takes to be successful, but also how to make everyone around them better.

3. They are respected by their peers. Rare is the employee who is skilled in every area, but the ones who are willing to learn and grow from those around them are invaluable. One example of this could be a co-worker expressing their willingness to work for them. We call this trait Building your own Frankenstein, which means pulling from the surrounding resources to create the best version of yourself. Managers will often seek out the employees who recognize their weaknesses and attempt to improve in those areas. Recruiter.com points out that managers should be looking out for the employees who welcome adversity and love to push their own personal boundaries.

4. They are one step ahead of the curve. Employees who are ready for the next step in their career are those who require the least amount of attention. Proactive employees have a leg up against their colleagues because managers don’t necessarily need to worry about them says Rob Fulton of Exponential Black. They aren’t constantly hassled by questions or concerns that could be easily resolved. These people will not only do whatever it takes to further their individual success, but the success of their entire team.

5. They are natural leaders. Leadership is one of the rare, natural abilities that is learned through experience, rather than taught. While leaders are generally thought of as the most vocal and outgoing people, there are other indicators that should be considered when attempting to determine how well an employee would lead others. While it’s important to consider your top performers for promotions, it’s difficult to argue with promoting someone who is a proven leader.

While you may be inclined to simply promote your highest earner, there are many things to consider before you pull the trigger. If you’re having a difficult time making this decision, contact Carver Peterson today for a consultation.

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