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What to do after the beep

Prospecting is an inevitable part of the sales development process, and picking up the phone is part of the game. But an ineffective trend we are seeing in prospecting these days is the lack of voicemail messages. Every morning, members of your sales team pick up the phone to call their top prospects and when the answering machine picks up, click, they hang up. And every time they hang up the phone another opportunity to build a relationship with the prospect is lost. Don’t make the same mistake.

5 Reasons to Leave a Voicemail Message When Cold Calling

  1. You Build a Relationship. From the moment you first introduce yourself, to every message thereafter, a relationship is being formed with the prospect. They will hear your voice, remember your name and the company you work for, and while they may not call you back, the chance to build a rapport with the prospect begins right after the beep.
  2. It Demonstrates Calculated Persistence. Leaving a message shows prospects that you have important information to share, and that you are eager to connect. Not leaving a message makes the person on the other line feel like they are one of many. A voicemail demonstrates polite persistence and brains, rather than manic punching of numbers in a phone book.
  3. It’s an Opportunity to Provide Information. Each time you leave a voicemail, you build on the platform for adding value for the prospect. Leave valuable information on the machine that can help demonstrate your services and how your business can help solve their problems. Free insight will show your commitment to working together and building a positive relationship.
  4. Avoiding the Caller ID Effect. We’ve all received the onslaught of calls from telemarketers and it’s nothing short of annoying. When a prospect sees the same number popping up over and over again, without anyone leaving a voicemail, not only are you interrupting them without adding value, it screams cold call. People don’t like to feel like they are just another name on a list.
  5. When the Call Goes Through. If two people are calling on the same decision maker, and one has left messages and the other one hasn’t, who gets the meeting when the prospect finally picks up? Sales is essentially an extension of human behavior. For the one who has left the messages, the conversation has already begun. For anyone else, they are starting the communication from scratch.

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