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The top 10 people who could change your year, your career or your life.

In sales, there are people out there who will change the course of your success story. Whether it’s the person who is so well connected that they can introduce you to your ideal clients, or the key decision maker at the big account you’ve been chasing, they are out there—and their business is yours for the taking. We’re here to tell you how to sell with intent, in order to find, reach and close those prospects who will define your career.

Ready to change your life? Here’s how to get started.

Identify Your Power List: It’s shocking how many people operate in sales without a clear idea as to who they want to reach. Create a Power List of Top 10 “game-changers,” the most influential people in your territory that have the potential to completely transform your career. Think big, starting with the ones who are so aspirational they almost feel out of reach. Write down their names, print a copy and keep it visible on your desk so you are inspired to think about how to reach them every day you’re at the office. Tip: Be strategic about creating your Power List based on mutual connections, your expertise in their industry and the way your services can truly add value to their business. This will help get your wheels turning about how to approach them successfully.

Strategize: The prospects on your Power List should be approached particularly strategically. Start by doing your research. Learn about with whom they currently work, what boards they sit on and where they went to school. Explore mutual connections and determine how you are going to reach them, whether that means through cold calling, an introduction or using more creative measures, such as joining the same non profit organization so you can network in person. Get educated on their interests and connections, then plot your next move with the ammunition to start a meaningful conversation. Tip: Don’t be afraid to do some serious investigating. By outlining synergies in advance, you will be more prepared to effectively build a relationship with the prospect.

Connect: Use creativity when pulling the trigger, even if that means going to great lengths to reach the people who will change your life. Whether that means showing up at an event they are hosting or participating in a lecture they are giving, going the extra mile will speak volumes. Through persistence, demonstrate your commitment to their success, while still maintaining boundaries, so they don’t feel like you are harassing them—which can be a massive setback. Think outside of the box to demonstrate the same creativity and commitment you will use to manage their account. Tip: There is nothing more valuable in sales than someone committed to the process of landing the account—and it will speak volumes for your prospects. Demonstrate that poise and strategy every time you make contact.

When targeting your Power List, identifying those who have the potential to redefine your career is the first step. From there, information, strategy and a creative approach with make all of the difference in separating yourself from the pack. A targeted approach to each individual is essential, so always keep your eye on the prize to start turning those prospecting dreams into a reality.

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