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Writing this post brings a flood of emotions to the surface. First & foremost, I am incredibly proud of you and happy for you. Over these last 6+ years, I’ve seen you grow from aspiring young professional to an executive. When we met you had recently started your Master’s Program at Northwestern and, despite no formal consulting experience, you were ready to take on any & all situations with me. I can vividly remember your first meeting with one of our clients and you passionately challenged one of their executive leaders and held your ground. No fear. I thought to myself, WOW – I’ve got a special one here. Within months, our clients were requesting your time, separate from mine, and we were on our way.

As you prepare for this new opportunity, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share my love & gratitude for you.  
Thank you for trusting me. After graduating with your Masters, coupled with your background & experience, your options were limitless and you chose Carver Peterson. It’s safe to say that you could’ve earned more elsewhere and worked with an organization with a clearer career path, but you were willing to take the risk with me. I always took tremendous responsibility to have somebody of your caliber trusting me with their early career. Your trust was fuel for our growth.

Thank you for believing in me. Like many new businesses, we were experiencing ups & downs as we found our path. We expanded and contracted our team as well as services and your belief never wavered. You are one of the most loyal, caring & compassionate people I’ve ever known and those qualities carried us through some challenging times. Had you chose a different path, Carver Peterson would look different today.

Thank you for building with me. Your ability to collect my disparate thoughts & ideas and reconfigure them, and build on them, in a highly productive manner was a critical to our methodology and growth. You are perceptive and smart and operate with so much confidence & poise. You maintained a unique balance of fighting for what you believed in and willing to let go without attachment or ego. That firm but flexible approach yielded our best results. 

Thank you for taking such great care of our clients. The moment you became responsible for the success of our client engagements our quality of work improved. You made sure we delivered on our promises – “t”’s were crossed and “i”’s were dotted. Most importantly, you genuinely loved our clients – and they could tell. You went well beyond the proverbial “extra mile” and as a result our clients consistently gave us 5 star ratings and referred us to other prospects — the gold standard of excellence.  

All in all, thank you for being such a great person & partner. These last 6+ years have been the best of my life, both personally & professionally, and it has so much to do with you. You have helped me become a better leader, manager, salesperson, friend, son, dad & husband.

I wish you the absolute best in your new venture and know that all of these qualities and characteristics (and more) will help you succeed in the years to come.  

Thanks again! 


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