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Put the needs of your team first to become an extraordinary leader

Extraordinary leaders are the ones who put their team and employee needs first, while keeping the overall mission of the organization in top of mind. These servant leaders, focus on the workers in order to build upon their strengths and work to bring them closer to their professional goals. But why do these types of leaders achieve more success that those who focus solely on their individual goals and desires?

The answer is simple. Servant leaders understand that if the people who work for you meet and exceed their goals, then they are bound to meet and exceed their own goals as well. Team centric leaders assist their organizations in finding ample success by building a team of loyal, committed and motivated employees.

How to Become a Servant Leader:

  • Identify Employee Strengths. It’s nearly impossible to lead a team without truly understanding the strength of each of the team members. Use StrengthsFinder 2.0 or another assessment platform to gain a more acute understanding of how to communicate with each worker on an individual level. Keep in mind, each person’s set of strengths is different just like their personal and professional goals, so adapt your management style accordingly.
  • Connect employee’s strengths to their jobs. Understand what tasks and positions in the workplace play to each employee’s strengths to identify the areas where they will be most likely to succeed. Help each team member connect their specific strengths to their tasks and job description so colleagues feel more fulfilled and committed to their day-to-day projects.
  • Communicate regularly. We encourage leaders to connect with their employees through regular employee reviews and status update meetings. Having a discussion about personal and professional goals, checking in on performance and understanding your team member’s work style encourages open communication to keep everyone on the team on track.
  • Provide constructive feedback. Employees cannot grow and thrive without feedback. Take the time to review the process with each employee, while focusing on finding assignments that complement each person’s individual strengths. Helping team members identify critical areas of progress and improvement will keep them engaged, so they can successfully reach their professional milestones.
  • Set professional goals. By tuning into their own strengths, team members will be able to achieve professional goals that they never thought possible. Using basic goal setting, set up a time to meet with your team to discuss both personal and professional aspirations, while identifying steps to reach those goals. The natural progression is that both parties will make reaching those goals a priority, which is positive for the manager, employee and the company as a whole.

The key to a winning company is a confident, competent, engaged, and successful workforce through team centric leadership. Focusing on your team members, their strengths and their personal and professional goals will get you there. For more leadership tips, please join the conversation on Facebook by liking our page here.

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