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Why building a high performing sales team is like playing a game of bumper bowling

Stepping into a sales role at a new company is hard. Like picking up a new sport, it’s important to understand how the game is played—so it’ not uncommon for salespeople to face a learning curve when they figure out what success looks like  However, company leadership and sales managers that provide their sales team with the right guidance will see results much faster than those who leave their new hires to fend for themselves. If you want to train your team to be more successful in sales, give them an outline of the sales process, show them how to reach their ideal customers and measure their results. Interested in simplifying the process? Just think of it like a game of bowling.

Bumper Bowling for Sales

  1. The Bowling Pins: First explain how the game is played. The bowling pins are the target, so make sure your team knows how to reach them. Same goes with prospecting. Outline the characteristics of the ideal customer, then make it crystal clear how the product or service will benefit them. Familiarize your team with the company’s vision, mission and values to help build a foundation for the salesperson to build upon over the course of their tenure. The story doesn’t have to be complicated, but they need to know where to aim their efforts, and how to send an effective message.
  2. The Bumpers: In bowling, bumpers make sure you hit the target. While you may not get a strike, you will pick up a few pins. In sales, we like to think of the bumpers as the guidelines that set a salesperson in the right direction—as long as they aim for the target and know the rules, they are bound to knock out a few pins. The key for managers is to set the expectations from the beginning by outlining the key performance indicators, including prospecting goals, defining the sales territory, setting revenue expectations and more. These guidelines give the sales team something for which to strive, which will help start them on the right track.
  3. The Score: For managers to be effective, they have to keep score. How many pins one hits is a direct correlation to the effort and skill one puts into the game. Set clear and measurable goals, and then enforce them through regular communication around goals and performance. As long as you hire someone capable and confident, they will hit some pins in the process. But in the event that they don’t, it’s time to evaluate how clearly you outlined the rules of the game through communication, checking in with the team and coaching them through the process. If one person in a group isn’t succeeding, odds are the problem is them. If many people in the group aren’t succeeding, then it’s time to think about how well you explained the rules of the game.

In sales, it all comes down to effort, efficiency and effectiveness. As long as a salespeople is telling the right story to the right customers, they are bound to see results. But remember: one cannot succeed without throwing the ball down the lane.

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