The Carver Peterson Reading List

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Top 10 Recommended Books for Becoming a Better Leader Legendary Coach, John Wooden once said, “Live as though you’ll die tomorrow.  Learn as though you’ll live forever,” speaking in reference to living your life to the fullest and reaching your full potential. Which is exactly why we believe that continuous learning through reading is an [...]

Tyler Mose: The Focused Learner

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Professional Strengths Survey Tyler Mose, CEO of Indirap Productions shares the strengths that make him most successful.  Name:  Tyler Mose Company: Indirap Productions ( Role: Chief Executive Officer Years in Business: 6 Industry: Advertising / Marketing   What are your TOP 5 themes as identified by the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment? Learner: People who have a great desire [...]

Like It or Not, We’re All in Sales Now

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Essential Communication Skills for the “Non-Sales” Salesperson Sales is part of everyday life, whether we like it or not. From negotiating with your spouse about where to dine or what movie to see, to interacting with your customers at work, almost everything we do has an element of salesmanship. So while according to the U.S. [...]

5 Engaging Activities to Do With Your Team

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Tired of happy hours? Here are 5 team building exercises to try with your team. Many managers lean on happy hours or after 5:00 entertainment to build camaraderie among teams at work. The goal is to facilitate more personal interaction so that everyone works more effectively as a group. But happy hour for team building [...]

Managing Up

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Why giving feedback to your manager will help advance your career. Every manager, no matter how effective, can drop the ball on communication from time to time. However, when it happens on a regular basis, work can become a frustrating and discouraging place for the rest of the team. From feedback, direction and goal setting, [...]

The Art of Letting Someone Go

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How to let an employee go the right way. It’s never easy to terminate an employee. These life-changing conversations tend to be uncomfortable for all parties, especially when the termination is a result of poor employee performance. Yet, being in a position to hire someone means being prepared to let someone go if it isn’t [...]

Millennial Managers

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Developing managers to properly engage and retain millennial talent By 2020 millennials will comprise 46% of the current workforce, which is exactly why understanding how to lead and manage this generation is critical to a business’s long term strategy. Through multiple studies we’ve learned that, among other things, this fascinating generation thrives as a result [...]

The Anti-Recruiter

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Drive revenue, maximize profitability and improve employee engagement without making any hires. When growth is top of mind, the natural inclination of many business owners and managers is to immediately hire more people. However, before heading down the path to more hires, it’s important to first look within your organization to maximize the performance of [...]

5 Ways to Approach Relationship Based Selling

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The sales game has always come with its own unique set of challenges. Between cold calling and tracking prospects, sales is one profession that requires a combination of endless perseverance and a little bit of luck. But as luck would have it, leveraging personal relationships is a simple and effective way to shorten the sales cycle and drive [...]

Evaluating the Sales Numbers Game

By | 2015-05-21T13:15:55+00:00 May 21st, 2015|Blog, Featured|

Why sales is becoming a relationship-based equation For years, most businesses have used cold calling as the only way to fuel sales. It’s been portrayed as a numbers game, with, say, 100 dials equating to 10 meetings and so on. However, the game is changing where there isn’t necessarily just one way to sell. Now, for a business [...]

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