You and Your 2nd Degree Connections

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Shrinking the sales cycle through 2nd degree connections As business professionals, we come in contact with many people through the years: mentors, colleagues, clients and competitors. And because of social media networks like LinkedIn, it’s easier now more than ever to stay in touch with old friends and colleagues, endorse them for their strengths and [...]

Building a Sales Process

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How to enable your team to drive revenue for your business. The company founder oftentimes is the most passionate about the business, and the most capable person of bringing the product or service to market because, well, it’s theirs. They use their network and connections to influence people to get the business off the ground. While [...]

Carver Peterson Year-in-Review

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As Carver Peterson approaches its one year anniversary, Founder and President Scott Peterson reflects on key lessons. When I think that it’s been a year since I launched Carver Peterson Consulting, I almost don’t believe it how far we have come. And while it hasn’t been an easy road, the challenges and rewards that have [...]

The Dynamic Duo: Wolf Point Advisors

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Geno Mattioda and Dominic Volini, Co-CEOs of Wolf Point Advisors, demonstrate the perfect complement of strengths for running a successful business. Name: Geno Mattioda & Dominic Volini Company: Wolf Point Advisors Title: Founders & Co–Chief Executive Officers  We asked the leadership of Wolf Point Advisors to share their individual strengths, and loved what we found. [...]

7 Questions to Ask Before Working for a Startup

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*Post originally featured on the Startup Institute blog.  Start ups are getting a lot of attention with job seekers for their innovation, growth trajectory and the sheer opportunity to be part of something with the potential to change the world. But while startups have a great deal of appeal, it’s important to realize that not [...]

Time Equals Management

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In very simple terms, (good) management means spending quality time with your people. As the saying goes, time is money—something that couldn’t be more true when it comes to management. When you’re a manager, time can mean the difference between dropping the ball on your employees or leading a successful team. It’s true. In fact, [...]

Ashley Logan: The Strategist

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Ashley Logan, CEO of Yakkety Yak, LLC shares the professional strengths that have contributed to her success. Name:  Ashley Logan Company: Yakkety Yak LLC Role: CEO and Editor in Chief Years in Business: I started Yakkety Yak in July of 2012 Industry: 3 What are your TOP 5 themes as identified by the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment? [...]

How to Lose a Lead in 10 Days

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Mistakes you don’t want to make when chasing a sales prospect One thing that should never be taken for granted in business is a good lead. New business is essential for company growth so when a sales lead presents itself, the most important thing you can do is to handle the lead with precision and [...]

The Cost of Promoting the Wrong Person

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3 ways to avoid promoting the wrong person There are few things as exciting for a manager as rewarding someone for their hard work and granting them that promotion they’ve been gunning after. But a promotion doesn’t always come with the best results, either because the candidate wasn’t ready for the extra responsibility or he [...]

The Carver Peterson Reading List

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Top 10 Recommended Books for Becoming a Better Leader Legendary Coach, John Wooden once said, “Live as though you’ll die tomorrow.  Learn as though you’ll live forever,” speaking in reference to living your life to the fullest and reaching your full potential. Which is exactly why we believe that continuous learning through reading is an [...]

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