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How to take advantage of employee strengths to put your business in the best position to succeed

A one size fits all management approach could be holding your business back from achieving success. This common problem stems from companies building their performance models around one way of doing the job at hand—a practice that leaves employees’ valuable skillsets under utilized. For example, while some employees are great at volume, others might be more skilled at networking, but aren’t given that opportunity or are discouraged from taking a different path, which means businesses aren’t always achieving the best results.

The most effective businesses play to the individual strengths of their employees to boost business, eliminate frustration and maximize performance. While the best leaders are not necessarily well­rounded, the best teams are. Evaluating what each person brings to the table, something we call valuing differences by understanding strengths, means taking the best each employee has to offer and making it work for your business.

Adopting the philosophy of maximizing employee strengths begins with the hiring process. When you see a natural strength or sweet spot within a candidate, do everything possible to identify and refine it once you bring them on board. By helping an employee understand their own strengths, that self awareness leads to self management and self direction.

Once the key employee attributes are identified, work those strengths into their job every single day. If people are playing to their strengths on a regular basis, they tend to be more confident, competent, engaged and successful. Conversely, if you put someone in a rigid role where only one way of doing business is encouraged, managers can expect to get less out of their employees, while contributing to frustration, reduced confidence and poor performance. Effective leaders surround themselves with the right people, building upon each person’s strengths. Carver Peterson uses a situational leadership approach to help identify and play to employee strengths. When you have great talent, it’s important to take advantage of their strengths. Contact us for more information.

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