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How to chase and land those accounts that will change your life

Part of what makes sales so exciting is the chase. And as any good salesperson will tell you, targeting prospects of all different sizes will ensure longevity in the field. However, salespeople who focus only on the small or mid-sized accounts, neglect the accounts that are more likely to change the entire course of their sales careers. Either because of fear of rejection or lack of effort, ignoring the big fish is a mistake that will cost you.

These large accounts, which we affectionately call Great White Whales, are just as hard to close as you think—but don’t let that keep you from trying. Ultimately, “whale” targets fit your blue chip criteria, they just require more planning, precision and persistence to land. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Chase a Whale in Sales

1. Planning. 

Start by identifying the three to five whales you want to hunt from your Power List (If you haven’t created one, download our guide here). Before heading down the path, do the research to confirm that they fit the bill, and be particularly diligent. Understand their industry, and make time to figure out how your services align. Then line up the right case studies to start telling your story and make sure that you know how your product or service can benefit them and your business.

2. Precision.

Once you’ve identified the prospects, it’s vital to approach them with care. Gather as much information as possible to build a strong case for your product or service. Research the business and try to determine their pain points and objections, and how you can overcome them during conversations. Then, get to know the decision makers. Find out if you have any mutual connections or interests and figure out ways to strategically get in touch.

3. Professional Persistence.

Now that you have the communication foundation laid out, it’s time to start the outreach process. Start by asking mutual connections for an introduction to start the process. In the event that you don’t have any, then try reaching them via phone or email. Sweat equity is going to be a huge part of the game. Follow up on all communication, and follow through by providing the information you say you will. Keep them in the loop on marketing information by sending them recent news articles, case studies and even showing up at networking events to build a stronger relationship. Eventually, the hard work will pay off.

As a salesperson, don’t be afraid to go after the Great White Whale accounts. Sure, it’s going to be really, really hard to reel them in. In fact, you should anticipate a 12-18 month sales cycle, which is why you want to limit them to three to five targets. But if you are consistent and persistent, eventually you will land an account that will change your life.

For more insights into mapping out your Power List and building a pipeline of leads, contact Carver Peterson Consulting for more information.

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