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Why landing those ideal customers is easier than you thought

Sales is a numbers game. But one of the worst things a salesperson can do is to believe that everyone is a prospect. Instead, watch your success ratio skyrocket by casting a smaller net when prospecting—something that can only happen by truly defining your ideal, or as we like to call it, “Blue Chip” customer. The trick is to narrow down that prospect list from 10,000 to 100, so that you can chase—and land—those high impact accounts that will set your career in the right direction. Here’s how to take a more streamlined approach to your prospecting to successfully reach the right customers.  

How to identify your Blue Chip Customer

Consolidate based on demographics. In order to narrow down the prospect list, first figure out their demographics. Factor in details such as regional location, industry and company size and revenues. By focusing on the specific attributes of your prospects, it will allow you to weed out those who might not be such a good fit.

Understand the decision-maker. Are the decision makers typically c-suite executives or are they middle management who will have to run the decision up the flagpole? Understand who you are targeting so you can communicate more effectively. The company executives may be more interested in terms like “bottom line,” whereas someone in the middle might be more interested in improving efficiencies. Know who you are pitching and how to speak their language.

Research your competitors. There are few things as powerful as knowing who you are up against. Get to know your competition, including their strengths and weaknesses, and what you can offer that they don’t. That way you can be prepared to explain what makes your company or service the better option, and effectively overcome objections.

Learn the disqualifiers. Figuring out what makes someone a bad client is just as valuable as the qualifiers. If the decision maker’s brother-in-law is the one handling the business you are after, it’s time to concede and focus on another Blue Chip prospect. Also consider those harder to see disqualifiers, like a company that doesn’t align from a core value standpoint.

Don’t be intimidated. Getting closer to reaching a client that will send you on that company incentive trip reserved for top producers is scary for some salespeople because of the fear of failure. Instead of being intimidated by those big name clients, recognize that you will have more success selling to your ideal client, because their “pain” aligns with your value proposition. Rather than spending time targeting those B and C list targets, you will have much more success selling to the right prospects.

Boiling your sales territory down to your “Blue Chip” targets is one of the most important steps a new salesperson can take. Not only will it save you time, but it will eliminate heartache and unnecessary rejection in the long run. Invest the time on the front end to make sure you’re selling to the right people. The rest will fall into place.

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