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Wow…5 years! Time flies when you are having fun! I just wanted to take a minute to pause & reflect on our time together since you joined me at CPC as the very 1st employee in early 2016. It has been amazing watching you grow as a person & professional, while staying centered to your values & beliefs. I remember our interview like it was yesterday because I knew that I had somebody very special sitting in front of me. You articulated your passion to learn and grow and be challenged. You displayed your conviction & ambition by forfeiting your Gates Millennium Scholarship to pursue the Master’s Program you desired at Northwestern University. You expressed your love for family, friends and people in general. Looking back over these last 5 years, it’s those exact characteristics, qualities and strengths that have made our work so special for each client that you’ve touched, and for Carver Peterson as a whole.

These 5 years have had their fair share of adversity as well. Adversity that you have handled like a true professional. You experienced us growing fast, taking on more clients, hiring additional consultants, expanding our suite of services and ultimately getting further & further away from our best work. In the midst of that chaos, you stayed connected to our mission, and respectfully challenged & communicated your thoughts & feelings. Ultimately, as we scaled down to re-center our work & team, you were there and ready to lead.

While I’m proud of everything that we’ve been through…these last 2.5 years have been our best! Blending & balancing strengths, together, we have constructed our methodology (and refined, refined, refined) and our doing our best work! You take such ownership & pride in our work and each client gets your 100%. Nothing less. Our clients are referring & recommending us because of how much you put into each engagement. It doesn’t take long for our clients to see you as one of their own. Those qualities from your interview: love for people, ambition to do your best work & achieve, conviction / belief in yourself, and your desired to learn, grow & get better are on display every single day. 

Thank you for all of your hard work, love & passion over the last 5 years! And thank you for your belief in me & Carver Peterson! We wouldn’t who we are (or where we are) without you.  

Here’s to a bright future together!

Scott Peterson

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  1. Julie Mitchell January 13, 2021 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    congrats Selina! I’ve heard so much from Scott about how amazing you are and how much you’ve contributed to Carver Peterson’s success.
    all the best,
    Julie (EO member from Toronto)

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