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How to identify if someone is going to be a good boss

When interviewing for a new position, the candidate isn’t the only one who should have to answer those tough questions. The reason is that there are few things as valuable in the workplace as the leadership—far surpassing salary, perks and incentives. To embark on the path for success within an organization, it’s just as important for you to determine if the person you to whom you will be reporting is going to be an asset to your professional growth. Before signing on with a new company, here are some things to look for from the boss during the interview process.

Ability to articulate a clear vision. Listen carefully to how the company leadership describes the vision of the company. Whether to company believes in selling staples or providing water for children in third world countries, the leaders should be able to present a clear direction for where the company is going and how it will accomplish those goals. Ask questions about how you will fit into the plan for achieving those goals, and how your specific skills align with the process. The answers that you receive will give you a good idea if the company leadership truly abides by and believes in the greater company vision. Be on the lookout for: A boss who is not aligned with their passion and purpose.


Positive Team Interaction.  One of the most effective ways to spot a leader is to look at the way in which they interact with their employees. Good leaders recognize that good teams are well-rounded, so embrace the individual strengths of each team member. Some leaders have a hands-on approach, while others give their employees direction and then take a back seat position, allowing their employees to work freely. Regardless of the leadership style, if the boss encourages the team members to play to their strengths, the team as a whole will be more effective.  Be on the lookout for: A boss who doesn’t embrace the individual skills and attributes of each team member.


Leads By Example. A leader who finds ways to learn and grow will almost always take the same steps to ensure you better yourself as well, something we call Building Your Own Frankenstein. Whether that means introducing you to new books to read, or seminars to attend, the best leaders are learners who find a way to get better every day. These types of leaders are also much more likely to provide constructive criticism, so ask questions about how they provide feedback—without it, teams are far less likely to grow, thrive and meet their goals. Be on the lookout for: A leader who doesn’t prioritize goal setting, reviews and making time for constructive feedback.


The value of a good leader is paramount for one’s overall success within an organization, which is why it is so vital to know who you are dealing with. At the end of the day, before accepting a job the most important thing is to be informed. If you are able to sit in on a team meeting, or shadow an employee during your interview, that information will be invaluable during the decision process. And when it doubt, go with your gut. Download our free guide on questions to ask to interview your future boss here. 

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