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Why Case Studies and Testimonial are Critical in Sales

In sales there is nothing quite as influential as an unbiased third party endorsement. But more often than not, salespeople want to spend their time in meetings telling a prospect all the reasons why their product or service is the best—an approach that isn’t going to get them very far. The reality is that prospects want to be truly confident in their buying decisions, which comes from hearing about other people’s experiences.

Which means, salespeople, that if you want to sell, it’s time to change the conversation and focus on what real people have to say about your product or service through the use of case studies and testimonials.

Why Case Studies?

Case studies and testimonials show prospects that you have experience solving their problems—an assurance that goes a long way when you’re trying to close the deal. According to a recent article in Business 2 Community, anytime a customer is being sold a product or service, they are on their toes for deception.

“As consumers, we’re all more willing to believe in what’s being advertised if we can identify with the source of the information,” says author Mike Whitney. “Testimonials can provide the perfect way to bridge that gap.”

Rather than going into a meeting and telling a potential customer why they should hire you, use case studies and testimonials to show them the true value of your offerings.

Building Case Studies and Testimonials

The problem for many startup business owners and young sales professionals is that they lack the experience to create case studies in the first place. Don’t let that tiny little detail get in the way, and instead think outside of the box to create those solid testimonials you need to gain traction in the market.

Create case studies and testimonials at any level by coming up with strategic ways to present your experience until you can build your own library of third party endorsements. Lean on the strong track record of your counterparts to gain additional credibility in order to secure that first big win. The same applies for startups. Use your past experience and personal and professional testimonials to back up your credentials. Then, once you get that first big win, you can start collecting a more solid roster of materials to put in front of customers.

Remember, whether you are providing a detailed case study or a simple one-pager outlining testimonials, there is always a way to sell your experience. Lean on corporate accounts, company leadership, client testimonials, industry experience and relevant personal testimonials to tell a story. Just whatever you do, don’t show up empty handed.

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