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Carver Peterson Consulting welcomes new associate Selina Doran to the team. Find out more about her in this month’s Delivering Strengths.

Cropped BlurredName: Selina Doran

Company: Carver Peterson Consulting

Title:  Associate

What are your TOP 5 themes as identified by the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment?

  1. Woo
  2. Communication
  3. Positivity
  4. Empathy
  5. Developer


Delivering Strengths Template-2

Selina Doran Strengths Finder 2.0 Results


Which of those strengths do you believe have contributed the most to your professional success?

Woo and Communication have been huge. My desire to incorporate more of a relational approach to the work that I do in the corporate sector has stemmed from my love of people and my ability to facilitate meaningful interactions.

How do you lean on these strengths on a daily basis to contribute to your success long term?

As a graduate student and young professional entering the workforce, it’s easy to get caught up in the semantics of corporate America (i.e. money, prestige, overworking, competition, etc.). However, having Positivity and Empathy as some of my core strengths has empowered me to be a more thoughtful contributor to the work that I do every day. My intuition and energy continue to serve me well in both academia and consulting.

What do you do to develop / maximize your strengths?

Choosing to work for a company where I have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people on a regular basis has been essential for my personal growth as a Developer. Deliberately building the network of people I know in this new city has also been essential for maximizing my strengths. Additionally, I’m constantly looking for new books to read on sales, leadership, management and communication. Asking for new book recommendations from business leaders I look up to has been key to my continual growth.

What is one professional moment that stands out in your mind, of which you are most proud?

Choosing to relocate to Chicago for a chance at new growth in the corporate sector was a life decision that required taking a huge leap of faith. This transition to a new city of opportunities helped cultivate a more distinct vision for my future career and led me to Carver Peterson Consulting. I’m thankful that my decision to take a risk proved to be incredibly rewarding and gave me the opportunity to do work I’m passionate about.

Tell us a little bit about your company, and how your strengths contribute to its success.

Carver Peterson’s strength-based leadership approach allows businesses to attract, develop and retain top clients and talent in the marketplace. I consider our company’s focus on engagement and efficiency through holistic development to be unique and especially attractive to the new generation of millennial leaders. My background in organizational communication and graduate focus on leadership management gives me a competitive edge as a strategic management consultant with a diverse client base. My Communication, Positivity and Developer traits have been foundational for my personal development in the dynamic environment that is CPC.

Connect with Selina on LinkedIn here

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