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Luke Kaplan, Principal at SouthCap Brokerage Group, shares what strengths contribute to his professional success. 

Luke_Kaplan-rev copyName:
Luke Kaplan           

Company: SouthCap Brokerage Group, LLC

Title:  Principal

What are your TOP 5 themes as identified by the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment?

  1. Arranger
  2. Maximizer
  3. Futuristic
  4. Activator
  5. Self-Assurance




Which of those strengths do you believe have contributed the most to your professional success?

I believe Futuristic has contributed the most to my professional success. As a student of the life insurance industry, Kav and I realized early on that our industry has no success plan, and is therefore ripe for disruption. With a rapidly aging sales force telling a tired story, we recognized that advanced life insurance planning can be distributed through affluent consumers’ most trusted advisors, and the process can be much more enjoyable for those families.  By combining our futuristic traight with a strong activator theme, we began to execute immediately and are enjoying rapid growth and are having a lot of fun.

How do you lean on these strengths on a daily basis to contribute to your success long term?

The key for us is to constantly study our industry and challenge each other to “see the market” at an expert level. By doing so, we can continuously improve our business model as well as differentiate ourselves from our peers. As a young, small company, everyone succeeds at wearing multiple hats, and is empowered to not only share their thoughts, but also execute on their ideas.

What do you do to develop / maximize your strengths?

I establish personal relationships with more experienced and successful people than myself, and soak up as much insight as I can. Collect pearls of wisdom from each of them and implement them in your practice. I truly believe that imitation is the best form of flattery.

What is one professional moment that stands out in your mind, of which you are most proud?

My most proud moment is every time someone joins SouthCap, further validating the culture and model we work tirelessly to build and constantly improve.

Tell us a little bit about your company, and how your strengths contribute to its success.

SouthCap is an advanced life insurance planning firm that specializes in designing and implementing the life insurance portion of a high net worth individual’s or successful business owners’ plans. We establish strategic relationships with financial advisory firms, property & casualty firms, CPAs and attorneys- folks whose core business is not life insurance planning, but through a partnership with SouthCap, these professionals can achieve a greater level of control of their practice, provide additional value added service, and, in some cases, generate additional revenue while taking very little risk.

My strengths contribute to SouthCap’s success because we are spearheading a new source of life insurance distribution. As a principal of the firm who is managing day to day operations while still managing my own book of business, my role requires a high level of flexibility, versatility, creativity and vision.

Interested in learning more? Contact with Luke on LinkedIn here.



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