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Colleen Werner, Founder & CEO of LulaFit, shares how she utilizes all of her strengths to accomplish her goals. 

Delivering Strengths with Colleen Werner of LulaFit


Name: Colleen Werner
Company: LulaFit
Title: Founder & CEO

What are your TOP 5 themes as identified by the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment?

1. Futuristic
2. Activator
3. Responsibility
4. Woo
5. Input


Colleen Werner LulaFit Strengths Finder 2.0 Results

Colleen Werner of LulaFit Strengths Finder 2.0 Results

Which of those strengths do you believe have contributed the most to your professional success?

I don’t think a single strength has contributed more than another, but rather my ability to use them all to accomplish my goals. As a futuristic thinker, I love dreaming about what I will build and accomplish, but I wouldn’t be able to accomplish that dream if I didn’t recruit my other strengths as an activator with a strong sense of responsibility and some “woo” in my back pocket

How do you lean on these strengths on a daily basis to contribute to your success long term?

This may come as a shock to most, but starting a business is tough. Sometimes the “present” isn’t easy or pretty. Having a futuristic personality allows me to focus on where I’m going so I can power myself and my team through the tough days.

What do you do to develop / maximize your strengths?  

Work with Carver Peterson Consulting, of course! …All kidding aside, it’s all about good mentors. I surround myself with people who can help bring out my strengths, but more importantly, help me work on my weaknesses. A good mentor to me is someone who can walk in, give me some criticism and help me get to work on fixing it!

What is one professional moment that stands out in your mind, of which you are most proud?

There is a moment every single day where I look around me at the incredible talent that is continuing to fill the LulaFit offices and think, “Wow, I can’t believe  I convinced these incredible and talented people to help me accomplish this dream.” Realizing that my dream is now our dream is my greatest accomplishment thus far. I’m so humbled to be surrounded by a group with this amount of passion for helping others.

Tell us a little bit about your company, and how your strengths contribute to its success.

LulaFit is a concierge fitness and wellness company that creates customized programs for individuals, communities and corporations. Through movement, food and restoration, we help busy people find balance. We offer on-site group fitness classes, personal training, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, chef services and events.

It’s often tough to convince the CEO of a major company that their office needs a wellness plan, especially when they’ve been doing things their way for 20+ years, but having Woo often helps me win them over and see how our work with them can be a major factor in increasing their bottom line.

But it’s not just winning the business that I need to be successful at, it’s keeping an existing program successful that’s the full time job. I feel a genuine responsibility to ensure all of our programs continue to be beneficial to the communities and companies we work with. I just can’t settle for something not working. My Responsibility strength is the reason I have been able to turn fitness and wellness into a luxury business. It has to be the best product every single time. I stake my reputation on it.

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