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How to hire the right people to help your business succeed

Most companies miss the mark when it comes to selecting top talent. Maybe they hired someone who looked great on paper, but ended up not being quite as qualified as their resume may have indicated. Or, the individual doesn’t blend well with the current workforce and it impacts the overall performance, well­being and engagement of the team. After going through a lengthy recruiting process, hiring the wrong people can be an expensive mistake.

Luckily, it’s preventable. The problem most business make when hiring candidates is not first taking a look at their company core value, mission and vision, and seeking individuals that align with the organization. Knowing what kind of culture and environment you want to create means finding candidates that fit the company objectives. Once businesses know who they are, the process of finding and retaining top talent becomes an easier task.

Understanding your company culture goes well beyond the core­ values written on the website or painted on your walls. It’s the characteristics and behaviors of the leadership within the organization. Take a close look at your peak performers, the ones who are your top producers and who are culturally aligned. Spend time with them and understand what makes them unique. Only once you’ve developed the success profile for your business, can you find the right person for the position. During the interview and selection process, tailor your questions to those unique qualities, characteristics and strengths.

We believe that selecting candidates based on strengths can be the ultimate accelerator, rather than placing all of the emphasis on experience. In fact, when evaluating candidates, one of the most overrated characteristics in many ways is experience. People can inflate a resume, overstate performance and stack references. However, if you can match culture, strengths and experience, then you’ve found yourself a really good hire. So, ditch the standard job description and get specific with the responsibilities you want and need.

Hiring managers and company executives should know exactly what type of workplace they are striving to create, then find candidates with the right combination of skills that align with the company objectives. Once you know who you are as a business, the process of evaluating the right candidate for the job is simplified. For more information on workplace culture, attracting and retaining the right candidates and putting your business in a position to achieve the ultimate success, contact Carver Peterson for a free consultation.

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