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How to attract, develop and retain a team of peak producers

Whether you have spent ten years in the sales field or ten minutes, odds are you are familiar with the expression, “Always Be Closing.” True, it’s important for business owners to find a sales team who can close a deal. But for an organization to find the ultimate success profile, the sales team must also align with the overall company mission, vision and values. In a field that is already ultra competitive, how can business owners and managers create a sales force that combines the best of both worlds?

3 Steps to Creating an Effective Salesforce

1. Interview Carefully

When building a productive team, culture makes a big difference. While a candidate may talk the talk, it’s vital that they also can walk the walk—to the rest of the team, that is. Make sure that they are a cultural fit, and not just fulfilling a set of basic skillsets. Before making any formal job offers, ask behavioral questions during the interview that pertain to culture and the overall core values of the organization. Learn more about how to hire with culture in mind here.

2. Onboard and train

The best way to do this is by using a customized onboarding program, which aims to help new employees align with your company’s mission, vision and values. Investing in your new employees from Day 1 will help bring them into the team from the very beginning. Establish goals and an individual development plan. Managers should outline clear performance expectations for new hires. This school of thought will help employees to get on the right track from the beginning, so that both parties can work together to make sure critical milestones are met.

3. Manage their performance

It’s no secret that there are many ebbs and flows working in the sales industry. How you manage your employees’ performance will be pivotal in maintaining high morale, even during some of the slower times. According to Salesforce, your sales team must know what is expected of them at all times. Having set expectations will give your team the tools necessary to set their daily, quarterly and yearly goals, while simultaneously outlining the repercussions if these goals aren’t achieved. Don’t be afraid to think long term by outlining the roles and responsibilities of the entire career path to help new hires establish goals and aspirations within the organization.

To build a successful sales force, company leaders need to think about both culture and performance. Taking a methodical approach to the hiring process, implementing a customized onboard program, along with the proper management of your employees will play a significant role in the success and growth of your business. If you are looking for ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team, contact Carver Peterson Consulting today.

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