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How to enable your team to drive revenue for your business.

The company founder oftentimes is the most passionate about the business, and the most capable person of bringing the product or service to market because, well, it’s theirs. They use their network and connections to influence people to get the business off the ground. While this is a great way to get started, it’s not a sustainable model for long term growth, and it certainly isn’t scalable. So instead of going down this path, building a sales process from day one will enable your team to do the selling for you.

The following steps outline the best way to enable your sales team to sell your product and services with ease.

Building a Sales Process

  1. Clearly define your offering. Does your sales team know how to communicate the company’s products and services? It starts at the top. Make sure that all services are relayed to employees so they can tell the company story with ease. If they don’t understand the company services, they will not be able to adequately convey them to clients.
  2. Outline key characteristics of your buyer. Every member of the sales team should have clear expectations as to what type of targets they should pursue. Whether that means dividing up a sales area by regions, or narrowing down a specific industry where you’ve seen a lot of success, a sales team needs direction in order to properly target and close new business. Give each salesperson clear targets to work with, then measure success from there.
  3. Establish value messaging. When you can clearly communicate your offering, and know who to target, it’s time to take it to the next level and define a value proposition that solves problems for your prospects. Whether that means creating marketing materials that tell the right story, or summarizing key services into quick bullet points, your sales team won’t find success without a clear understanding of what the company can do for your target customer.
  4. Identify key decision makers. Figure out who at the target organization is calling the shots. Then, figure out how to reach them. Whether that means connecting on LinkedIn, cold calling or requesting an introduction from a mutual contact, once you find a way to reach the decision maker, you will have a story to tell.
  5. Lead them through the traditional sales cycle. The Carver Peterson Sales Cycle includes five stages: Prospect, Connect, Qualify, Commit and Serve. Strengthen your team’s selling prowess by giving them the tools needed to carry a prospect through every stage of communication. Find out more about educating non-sales people on the selling process here.  

Many business owners generate 90% of the company revenue. This sounds like an impressive number, but for many entrepreneurs, being both the CEO and rainmaker leave them at a disadvantage. The answer is to establish a sales process from Day 1, so that other people on the sales team can drive revenue and develop new business for the organization. Need help getting started? Contact Carver Peterson and we will map out a plan to help educate your team on the sales process.


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