5 Mistakes CEOs Make When it Comes to Selling

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From hiring the wrong people to not setting clearly defined goals, don’t fall victim to these 5 mistakes.

As the CEO or part of the executive team, driving revenue for your organization has to consistently stay top of mind. However, as we know, there are a myriad of other “mission critical” responsibilities on your plate, which can make building an efficient and effective sales process a daunting task. Unfortunately, the failure to do so will have a significant impact on your bottom line. Read below to find out the 5 mistakes CEOs make when it comes to selling, and some preventative measures to take to keep them from negatively impacting your business.

5 Mistakes CEOs Make When it Comes to Selling

  1. Not investing in top talent. Building a qualified sales team means truly investing and believing in the people you hire from day one. Hiring the right people, properly training them and investing in their development is an on-going effort to create and maintain a successful team. Implement an onboarding program and commit to continued education so that your sales team can grow and your business can prosper.
  2. Not sharing the company vision and mission with the team. Sharing and enforcing your company’s mission, vision and values is an important first step in ensuring your salespeople are on board with your company’s culture, and properly selling your story. No one can share your company story better than you and it is vital to correctly communicate a consistent message across the board. This will ensure your team properly shares your business’s values during lead generation.
  3. Not identifying the ideal customer profile. Before anyone can effectively sell, they must first understand the main characteristics of the ideal customer. Break it down by industry, demographics, regional attributes and more. Then, encourage your team to create targeted prospect lists, starting with identifying their Blue Chip Customer, Power List and Strategic Partners. These are tools that will enable them to focus on the right individuals.
  4. Lack of clarity around goals and expectations. Sales professionals need a target to aim for every day, so set consistent milestones for the team to strive toward. This includes defining their roles, responsibilities, territories and focus industries. Remember, measuring success changes the conversation, but helping people reach their goals can transform a business. If you can’t define the goal for your team, then none of the other pieces matter.
  5. Not arming them with sales tools and resources. Providing your sales team with effective marketing materials to present your offerings is a huge part in leading a successful sales team. From case studies, to client testimonials, proposals and eye-catching presentations, give your team ammo and the right tools to sell your products and services the proper way. (Check out our blog post on the value of case studies here). In addition, providing a CRM system for lead tracking and reporting is a resource that when used correctly will pay off in droves.

For CEOs it’s important to take ownership and responsibility for the sales and lead generation process. Hiring the wrong people, not providing training and development and under investing in the customer experience, all contribute to a sales process that lacks repeatable and measurable results. It starts at the top.

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