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2016 Business Resolutions to Make it Your Most Productive Sales Year Yet

While sometimes it’s bittersweet when another year comes to an end, it’s also a great opportunity to set goals that will propel you into the next year with success. To give our sales and business development professionals some ammunition for tackling the New Year with confidence, we outlined 10 tips that will help you create your most productive year yet.

  1. Add value for your existing clients. No one is more important to your business than your current clients.  In today’s competitive global market, the customer experience should be top of mind at all times. Set up regular times to check in with them to learn what you could be doing better. This dialogue will open the door for expanded service offerings and improved customer service.
  2. Be a Connector. Make an unsolicited introduction to two individuals in your network who could benefit from building a professional relationship. Not only does it help add meaning behind your network, but you never know when someone will turn around and make a valuable introduction on your behalf.
  3. Create a Power List. One of our favorite business tools is identifying those individuals who could change your year, your career or your life. We call this the Power List. By making a list of the most influential individuals or businesses in your sales territory, and then developing a strategy for reaching them, it increases the odds of game-changing results by a lot. Do it and do it now (get your free copy of the Carver Peterson Power List here). 
  4. Have one coffee meeting each week. Stay connected to your market, your customers and other industry professionals, and get out there and build relationships. Not only will this approach help build your network, but you never know when you might need to lean on one of your coffee dates for an introduction to someone on that Power List.
  5. Keep learning. Try to read at least one book each quarter that will help you grow professionally. Go ahead and map those books out for the year now, focusing on one that will help you develop strengths, one to help develop additional industry knowledge, one recommended from your top client and one just for fun. If you need help getting started, check out our recommended reading list here.
  6. Attend a training workshop. For professional companies to stay ahead of the curve, it’s vital that they invest in their people. Find a training workshop that aligns with your organization’s vision, mission and values and attend with a group of coworkers. Not only will this give you cutting edge information on what’s happening in the marketplace, it will give you a chance to hone those professional skills and get inspired.
  7. Attend one networking event alone per quarter. Yes, it can be scary to show up for a networking event solo, but it forces you to think outside of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to people whom you may have otherwise overlooked. Do your homework to make sure you are meeting the types of people and potential customers.  
  8. Ask your boss what you can take off their plate. If you are the boss, find something you can delegate. If you want to move up in an organization, it’s important to keep pushing yourself forward. Ask the boss lady what you can take off of her plate so you can learn a new skill set or demonstrate those strengths. If you’re the boss, give yourself some extra time for self improvement and delegate away. It’s a win-win on both sides of the spectrum.
  9. Give yourself quarterly reviews. How can you keep track of those lofty personal and professional reviews if you don’t a) write them down and b) hold yourself accountable? Be on the lookout for our free 2016 planning form and then take a few minutes every quarter to measure how you’re doing.
  10. Volunteer. We are all busy balancing our personal and professional lives, but it’s important to take the time to give back to the community. Whether that means volunteering for a charity committee or offering to lead the holiday food drive at the office, actively giving back will demonstrate your leadership skills, give you more exposure to your network and it just feels good to make a difference.

Best of luck in the New Year! And remember, we are always here as a resource. Email scott@carverpeterson.com with any questions.

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