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About Carver Peterson Consulting

Carver Peterson’s Sales Solutions enable growing businesses to reach their true potential. Our promise is to provide your organization the direction and resources to build a scalable and sustainable high-performing sales team, focused on driving revenue and maximizing profitability. Carver Peterson’s hands on approach to business consulting is designed to capitalize on the competitive advantages of an organization and empower the unique talents of its employees. Based in Chicago, Carver Peterson is well-equipped to help your business reach its ultimate potential, regardless of the location.


Our Mission is to cultivate growth in our community by maximizing the potential of individual and collective strengths.


Our Vision is to build a team of kind, passionate and brilliant people, known as trusted advisors, who love our clients and love what they do.

Our long term goal is to have a company where every person has the power to create their path to freedom and success.

Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundation of our organization.
They are the compass that guide our actions and decisions.


We are impeccable with our word.

Continuous Improvement

We grow by actively investing in our education and seeking opportunities to learn from others.

Value Differences through Understanding Strengths

We inquire, learn and embrace others’ unique qualities.


We take responsibility to get things done, we ask for help, and we value transparency.


We strive for balance in all aspects of our lives (work, family, wellness & personal being).


Abby Sears

CEO at Adams Third Wave

Adams Third Wave hired it’s first dedicated sales force at the beginning of 2016. We quickly realized we needed to provide focus for our sales reps by identifying our ideal target customer and developing measurable KPI’s. We brought Scott in and he jumped in head first, helping us identify and streamline the sales process specific to the logistics industry. He developed ways to measure sales performance through the use of metrics, helped us to identify who our target customer is by establishing specific criteria and also organized our sales pipeline. He has caught on quickly to the terms and lingo of logistics and supply chain and is helping us grow our core carrier and customer base. Through the use of sales strategies and tactics, he has helped us attract and attain customers, helping us get closer to our profit and revenue goals. I would highly recommend Carver Peterson Consulting to anyone looking to work with smart and talented A players, who strive to bring the next level of success to any organization

Luke Kaplan

Principal at SouthCap Brokerage Group

For years, I underestimated the importance of clearly articulating our firm’s mission, vision, and values. After completing the Discovery Phase, it became very clear that our employees were looking for guidance in this area. Scott did a masterful job of challenging us to commit our passion, our vision, and our beliefs to paper. We did not need to reinvent anything. The answers are already inside of us and Scott and his team know exactly how to extract them and mold them into a clear and cohesive message.

Rasheed Hammouda

Co-Founder at Bridge

When Bridge started working with Carver Peterson, our team was stretched thin at an early growth point in our history. We were struggling to increase the predictability of our sales process while simultaneously raising new funds to expand our team. We worked closely with Carver Peterson to rework and refine the existing sales process we had in place to maximize its efficacy. In short: working together we quickly accomplished what we set out to do. That was just the start though. Carver Peterson constantly went above and beyond the initial sales mandate, identifying and consulting on other business areas from hiring to performance management. At each point, working together has helped us be more effective leaders in driving our startup forward, ultimately enabling us to scale faster. What do you need to push your business to the next level? What’s preventing you from getting there? How can you maximize your efficacy with the resources you have today? Helping you find answers to these questions is at the core of their work.