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About Carver Peterson Consulting

Carver Peterson’s Sales Solutions enable growing businesses to reach their true potential. Our promise is to provide your organization the direction and resources to build a scalable and sustainable high-performing sales team, focused on driving revenue and maximizing profitability. Carver Peterson’s hands on approach to business consulting is designed to capitalize on the competitive advantages of an organization and empower the unique talents of its employees. Based in Chicago, Carver Peterson is well-equipped to help your business reach its ultimate potential, regardless of the location.


Our Mission is to help growth-minded entrepreneurs and organizations build high-performing sales teams so that they can win more of the “right” clients allowing them to grow and scale in a sustainable way.


Our Vision is to build a team of kind, passionate and brilliant people, known as trusted advisors, who love our clients and love what they do.

Our long term goal is to have a company where every person has the power to create their path to freedom and success.

Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundation of our organization.
They are the compass that guide our actions and decisions.

Do the “Right” Thing

We are impeccable with our word.

Get 1% Better Each & Every Day

We grow by actively investing in our education and seeking opportunities to learn from others.

Value Differences through Understanding Strengths

We inquire, learn and embrace others’ unique qualities.

Own It

We take responsibility to get things done, we ask for help, and we value transparency.

Find & Live Your Balance

We strive for balance in all aspects of our lives (work, family, wellness & personal being).


Peter Billmeyer
Co-Founder & Managing Principal at Bespoke Commercial Real Estate

As a leader it is almost impossible to provide your team all of the necessary support without some other facet of your business suffering. Through Carver Peterson we feel confident that we have been able to solve this age old issue and couldn’t be more thankful for the role they play in our company. I have greatly appreciated their contributions to our growth and increased success. Without a doubt we wouldn’t be where we are without them. From sales strategy to accountability Carver Peterson has delivered at every turn. I would wholeheartedly endorse them for any sales opportunity you have. 

Ray Sciuckas
Founder & President at Fastmore Logistics

We’ve seen a number of benefits from our work with the Carver Peterson team. The main takeaway is our understanding of customer pains and challenges. As a result, we were able to align our Fastmore brand promises to specific solutions and have impactful conversations with our clients. When successfully deployed, these tools and knowledge had an immediate impact on our engagement with new and existing prospects. “Aim small, miss small“!

Lindsay Swift
Head of Production at Kindred Content

Carver Peterson is the team you want in the room to help you see the forest and the trees. They partnered with our creative services business to help define our sales goals, establish best practices, and refine our messaging. They pushed us to rethink our ideal client, and improve our prospecting and proposal process. It’s hard to imagine how we would’ve gotten where we are today without CPC’s expertise and guidance. They are a team of true professionals and a valuable asset for anyone who wants to take the next step to improve their sales process and grow their revenue. 

Abby Sears
President at Adams Third Wave

Adams Third Wave hired it’s first dedicated sales force at the beginning of 2016. We quickly realized we needed to provide focus for our sales reps by identifying our ideal target customer and developing measurable KPI’s. We brought Carver Peterson in and they jumped in head first, helping us identify and streamline the sales process specific to the logistics industry. They developed ways to measure sales performance through the use of metrics, helped us to identify who our target customer is by establishing specific criteria and also organized our sales pipeline. Through the use of sales strategies and tactics, they have helped us attract and attain customers, helping us get closer to our profit and revenue goals. I would highly recommend Carver Peterson Consulting to anyone looking to work with smart and talented A players, who strive to bring the next level of success to any organization.

Jamie Johnson
Founder & CEO at Verde Energy Efficiency Experts

After starting Verde 10 years ago, I have driven majority of sales over that time.  I have had key sales people come in and deliver results, but never in a scalable fashion.  In early 2019, we engaged Carver Peterson to look at our sales and help us get to the next level.  Through our work with them, we have sharpened our “blue chip” prospecting, and found a deeper and more profitable relationship with our clients.  We have also finally found a balanced and driven sales team, and as the owner, I have stepped out of sales completely.  

Max Tynczuk
Director of Strategy & Operations at AMS Performance

We engaged Carver Peterson Consulting because we were in serious need of re-thinking our approach to sales. We outgrew our old processes and sales strategy and couldn’t break through the ceiling. CPC helped me by analyzing our team, approach, customers, and competitiveness within the market and provided us numerous recommendations on what we could change to overcome the obstacles we had been facing for several years.

Next, they provided us a bulletproof plan of attack and supported us through implementing a complete overhaul of the sales department. They successfully helped us build processes and a team that scales as our sales do, and helped us create a culture of high performance. Even in the short amount of time since implementation, we’re already seeing a considerable increase in performance compared to last year.

One thing I enjoyed was their holistic approach. They looked at every aspect of my sales team and our position in the market and used all of the information to put together a well-crafted (and thorough!) series of recommendations.

The entire experience pushed me and our leadership team to think about our company and our industry in a new way, which was extremely rewarding. It was also reassuring knowing that CPC brought a wealth of experience to the table, which put my mind at ease knowing we had support while we were trying to change the organization.

I would highly recommend Carver Peterson Consulting to any companies trying to lay the proper infrastructure to push their sales past a plateau. They will help you navigate the challenges that come along with making changes to a business and will provide you the recommendations and support you need to revitalize your sales team.

Matt Kelly
Partner & Business Designer at Do Tank

We had a new service line that we were going to launch – high hopes on the product/market fit, but without a sales strategy. As a small design consultancy, our work was very bespoke and relationship driven; we didn’t have much by way of sales process or a team approach. Carver Peterson did a brilliant job helping us organize our thinking, profile our target client, and create a true process that made our sales approach a team game. They are so empathetic and unimpeachably ethical and client centric – you get full attention, brilliant strategy, and the knowledge that your best interests are always what drives the engagement. Can’t recommend Carver Peterson highly enough.